Monday 25 July 2011

Bloggy Awards

 Right I promised this a few days ago now so here it is at last

Firstly the ever so stylish Nabby from This Old Life kindly gave me the Liebster Blog award.
 You must if you have not already, go and visit her blog, she makes the most stunning 1930's outfits which are beautiful in every detail, you will be amazed and very jealous of her skill I promise!

 Next, the lovely Miss Katie from Little Red Squirrel was kind enough to give me three awards in one! Miss Katie is another gal who's blog you must visit! She's one multi-talented lass, she knits, she sews and she embroiders like a dream, just check out her saucy Pin up girls they will make you want to take up your needle and thread right away!

 Part of the award was to list some facts about yourself, so here we go:

1. I wear glasses, there I have said it, Yep I am as blind as a bat without them but it's rare that you'll ever catch me wearing them in photos as I just haaate em! But just for you...

What do you mean Jarvis wants his specks back?
2. My all time favourite Movie director is Alfred Hitchcock, I Just love every one of his films (though I still haven't watched Phyco yet, I'm too scared). Also, I was born in the same part of London, Leytonstone as Hitch, quite a few years later might I add!

3. My favourite book to date is Enigma by Robert Harris, I read it a few years ago and I was completely captivated, it has made me slightly obsessed with learning all about the Enigma machines and Bletchley park, I'm sure I will bore you all about this very soon. Ps, the film version is good but the book is soo much better!

4.  I called this blog The Butterfly Balcony, as on the day that I was procrastinating on starting this blog I needed a name (obviously) and as I was gazing out of my window I spotted my very first Butterfly landing on one of the newly grown (all by me) flowers on my balcony, and so it became the Butterfly Balcony- I have to say now that veg growing is my new love I am not so fond of Madame Butterfly! My mum, however, is convinced it is so named because I can never settle on one thing for too long and am always flitting between projects, which to be honest actually works just as well as an explanation and makes it sound like I had put some thought into it!

So on to the new recipients of these awards:

I realise these are not up everyone's street, so I understand if you decline, either way, it is an opportunity for me to say how great you guys are and how much I enjoy reading your blogs!

Wendy x


  1. what a cute picture,
    by the way how is your allotment doing?

  2. Aww I love your story behind your blog name. A lovely list of blogs, lot's of my favourites in there plus lot's of soon to be favourites including Nabby's. How amazing is she... thanks so much for sharing. xx

  3. Just went and paid Nabby a visit and she has blown me away!!! She is one mega talented lady and I will def be following her in future :)

    Thank you so much for the award :) my very first one and I am more than grateful to accept it, thank you :) and the story as to how the name came about is so cute, and I love how your mum had come up with her own interpretation! hehe

    Much Love


  4. Thank you so much!!!! So sweet, and all the more meaningful as I love your blog. I have enjoyed having a quick look at the other blogs you have posted about too! Will have a proper read tonight.

  5. Thank you very much :D It's lovely to see where you got your name from and I think you look great with glasses! I don't need them but have a drawer filled with them!


  6. Thanks so much for the award, it is my first one and I am glad to accept it.

    I like the pic, I too hate wearing my glasses and yours are far cooler than mine.


  7. Thank you so much Wendy I am taking all three lol and I love the story to how you got your blog name haha thats great! :)

  8. Hi Wendy, I like the story of how your blog got its name - would never have guessed that one! Thanks for the award too :)

  9. Thank you the award it is very much appreciated! so glad you enjoy my blog. You must see Psycho it is brilliant, have you seen The Trouble With Harry?, that is one my favourites! I will be sure to check out the other blogs x

  10. You Girls are all really welcome:) x

    Miss Brune: The allotments going well, very, very weedy though:)Have had some potatoes and broad beans which were really yummy!!

    Hannah: I've not seen Trouble with Harry I will definitely be adding it to my Amazon cart!

  11. Thank you for my award - I'm very honoured! My first ever blog award too, so rather exciting. I'll have to think about what five facts to share on my blog. And who to pass the torch onto - I think you've picked lots of my favourites already!

    And I'm going to definitely have to think about reading that book. I'd not heard of it before but it sounds great. My work made a bid to provide some heritage advice at Bletchley Park a while ago but sadly we were beaten to the job - would have been a really fascinating piece of work...

  12. Miss Marie: Your very welcome, your blog has made me much more aware of the beauty of London's buildings, so thank you:)
    I stumbled upon the book in a charity shop a few years ago and bought it on a whim, glad I did as I had no idea about Bletchley and the code breakers who worked there and how much of an impact they had on ending the war!