Saturday 5 February 2011

Blog Award!

A huge thank you to Tallulah May Vintage Socialite awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award! To comply with the rules of this award I need to list seven things about me you don't already know,  as I received this twice I thought I would give you 10 slightly dull facts about yours truly.

So. Some things you didn't know about me....

1. My first Proper job was as a Stable Girl/Groom in Hertfordshire. It was a bit of a shock for a townie like me to move out into the middle of nowhere to a place where it got really dark at night (you had a mile walk to the nearest shop) and bats and owls were common sight!!! I grew to realise that I loved the countryside and now dream of living somewhere like that in the future! Oh and that's Gus (or emperor Augustus to give him his full name) my steed of choice, at the livery stables.
2. I love Marmite on toast!!

3. I grew up in Walthamstow and though it's not the greatest place to live but it still where I feel most at home. Walthamstow is famous for its town hall designed in 1932 and built in 194, the Vestry House Museum where William Morris was born, its 1930s built dog track (now closed) and also for the band East17 (but we will gloss over that one!)But the very best part of Walthamstow is its mile long market, which is famed for its cheap fabric shops and stalls where you are guaranteed a bargain or two!!!. Shopping trip anyone? 

4. I am teeeeeerrrrrified of flying!! I have never even been on a plane, so my fear probably stems from watching too many disaster movies as a child. Not the most rational of logic I know, but fear is seldom a rational emotion. Also, a fear of flying is probably not the best thing to have when your boyfriend is trying to get his private pilot's license!  "I Ain't gettin' in no plane fool!"

5. I have spent the last ten years trying to teach myself to play the guitar so far in vain! Maybe the next ten will fair better!!! 
6. My favourite flower is a sweet pea.
8. I blog on the quiet! It is only my Mum (no idea how to work a computer) and Boyfriend (not really interested) who know I have a blog! I haven't been brave enough to tell my friends, probably because they would think I was silly, or feel obliged to read it.I have to say I am surprised anyone does, so thank you to all my lovely followers, and especially to Miss Meow who was my very first!!! 
7. I would love to go to Egypt. Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with  the history, culture and eyeliner of ancient Egyptians.
9. Love travelling on steam trains, nothing beats the feeling of time travel that you get from the smell of coal smoke and the clickety-clack of the carriages.

10. My day job is as a graphic designer for a model bus company. Essentially I spend my days researching and recreating old adverts which can be fun, also this job has meant that I know far more about buses old and new, than anyone really should.
So on to my nominations, all are blogs I have discovered recently and think are great!

I realise that these awards things are not everybody's cup of tea so feel free to accept or not!

Wendy x


  1. Thank you Wendy! Im flattered! I love sweet peas and Egyptology too! Id love to go there to see the pyramids but maybe when things have quieted down hahah.

  2. Thanks love! I'm not sure I have seven interesting things about me though!
    I LOVE your day enchanting!
    And I long to go on a steam train, but believe it or not, have never been on one! One day!

  3. Thank you so much for the award. :-)

    If I ever get 5 minutes to sit down this week I will do the thing properly!

  4. Thank you for including me! ♥

  5. Thank you lovely Wendy!
    very nice post,
    so interesting to read about you,
    sweet peas, horses, guitar, little buses...
    I hope you do get to see Egypt one day!

  6. I also am terrified of flying. I will do it because I love to travel, but I am still scared. I went to Egypt once, I am half Egyptian, There is so much to see! Interesting post =)

  7. Intersting facts! And I think your job sounds lovely! :) Such an interesting random thing to do for a living, love it. horse riding was my biggest passion when I was younger... I miss it so much!
    x Lina