Sunday 20 December 2009

Knit It - Winter Wollies & Baby Bunnies

These two Little Fellows are for cousins, Lily and Kiera. They were made from a Debbie Bliss Pattern which my Mum had saved from an early 1990's copy of the 'Woman’s Weekly' - God Bless Hoarding!! I am sure that the pattern must still be available in one of her many books!

Along with these little bunnies, I have also knitted them each a purple and pink Fair Isle hat and mittens.

The pattern for the hat was taken from the December issue of 'Lets Knit' magazine, I loved the combination of the pink and purple hearts. I had never knitted on four needles before so I simplified the pattern to make it a bit easier, I must say I found the whole thing really tricky but loved the way the hats seemed to grow so quickly and no sewing in loads of loose ends! The mittens are from a vintage pattern which can be found here minus the trimming!

So that is it, C'est Fini! All the gifts are ready for their little recipients, so I now can sit back relax and plot all of the things I will be making next year!!

Wendy x

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