Friday, 31 July 2020

Monthly Meanderings - May 2020 No.01

I took my foot of the gas with sewing scrubs for the NHS in May. Mentally I needed a little time to focus on something a little less intense and so turned to bit of gardening, a little knitting and riffling through my Sewing UFO pile!

A Knitted Yoda & an 80s UFO ~

May started with a bit of gardening I was still trying to use those old seeds up, with mixed results, I also began my knitted Yoda (my predictive text keeps changing that to gourds) journey and delved into the wasteland that is my sewing UFO pile there are more projects in there than I feel comfortable admitting too, oh and I made some Banana bread - hasn't everyone at some point during lockdown? - mine while it looked good, was as dry as toast, ah, well I tried!

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