Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Monthly Meanderings - April 2020 No.3

I got a bit of a surprise towards the end of April when I became furloughed from work, part of me was a bit miffed as I love my job and was obviously anxious about what this might mean, the other part was delighted to have a few weeks of essentially free time, where I could spend my days sewing and doing anything, inside my home, that I wanted to.

Audiobooks, Sewing & Scrubs... lots of scrubs! ~

 I was spending most of my furloughed waking hours sewing and listening to listening to Audiobooks - a perfect combination I think, well apart from the regular need for machinery which usually meant the only sounds were heard were those of clattering mechanisms. Pauses in my listening pleasure aside I did manage to make an impressive dent in my audio book library!

Wendy x

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