Saturday, 16 May 2020

Monthly Meanderings - April 2020 No.1

So April, seemed indeterminately long and at the same time to have whizzed by in a flash, being 'locked down' meant most days not at work were spent at home, which if I am really honest with myself isn't very much different from my 'old normal' anyway.

~ Blomin' Old Boxes of Seed & Bird Table Building ~
Allotment Planting Plans 2020

So what a year to pick start getting your gardening & veg growing mojo back! Me and one million others, which is wonderful, everyone should be able to enjoy the thrill of growing something, however with a limited supply it meant that a lot of us had to reflect on what we already had (my eco head is really happy about that, to be fair) before we could look forward to anything new.
Rhubarb, glorious Rhubarb! // Blooming old box of seeds // Benn Bird house building
Beetroot planting // Evening gardening

So as you might of guessed from my title, this episode includes, a very old box of seeds, Benn building a bird table, me deliberating over what to plant sandlots and lots of planting, oh and some very, very embarrassing'll see!

Take care & stay safe!
Wendy x

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